On October 4th The Daisy of Adele of scene in Pineto

Event for schools, at 10.00, at the Teatro Polifunzionale

Thursday, October 4 at 10:00, at the Teatro Polifunzionale, in via Giuseppe Mazzini in Pineto (TE), will be staged the daisy of Adele 2.0, theatrical show on the theme of climate change: an exciting journey, between science, information and entertainment, Discovering a probable but still preventable future, a window on the scenarios that await us, if we do not reverse the course.
The event, organized by the civil protection of the Abruzzo region and the municipality of Pineto as part of the LIFE PRIMES project, is reserved for schools; After the theatrical representation there is a confrontation with the students on the civil protection issues to which they will take part represented by the Department of Civil Protection and the functional center of the Abruzzo region.
The story written by Marco Vignudelli will be interpreted by actors Anna Pancaldi, Fernando Vozzi and Marco Soccol, Stefano Antonini directed by Stefano Antonini.
For the municipality of Abruzzo This is the second important event of 2018 related to the project Life Primes, after the exercise of last June 16.
Adele’s Daisy, already represented in other contexts, aims to explain what climate change is, how it is manifesting, how temperatures are changing and tell the data about hot waves, drought, intense weather events, through A story set in 2050, in a recognizable place, which is changing and where there are problems that touch our lives and our communities closely.

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