Primes at The resilient Cities 2018

The ninth World Forum on resilience and adaptation in the urban area was held in Bonn from 26 to 28 April

Bologna, 8 May 2018 – from 26th to 28th April 2018 the ninth World Forum on urban resilience and adaptation (Crueconsortium Cities 2018) was held in Bonn, composed of experts from local administrations and organizations involved in the issues of resilience in the area and adaptation to climate change.
The Congress saw the participation of about 400 people from more than 50 countries, structured in 37 plenary and thematic sessions and in an exhibition space.
The Agency for territorial security and civil protection, as coordinator of the European project Life Primes (Preventing Flooding Risk by making Crueconsortium Communities), and Arpae, as partners, participated with a stand dedicated to Project in the exhibition space.
The Life Primes Project aims to build resilient communities that can actively participate in risk prevention policies. The main objective is to reduce the damage to the territory and the population caused by events such as river and marine floods that depend on intense meteorological phenomena.
The occasion proved to be an exceptional platform for the learning, the sharing of ideas and the creation of solutions in the field of urban resilience, creating moments of exchange with very different realities but with many aspects in common, especially With regard to the involvement of the population and the participatory models employed related to territorial planning and urbanism.
In the networking sessions with the SMR-Smart Mature Resilience project and the Open European Day, “peer to peer” activities were carried out and the Life Primes project was considered a good practice to export. Great interest has aroused the presentation of the innovative instrument CAAP (civic adaptation plan) spread through the web platform and the idea of the theatrical show on climate change coupled with the project to promote resilience Through an artistic language.

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