Life Primes on May 19 in Senigallia and San Benedetto del Tronto

Simulation at the same time of a red alert for hydrogeological criticality that will involve the civil protection system

Bologna, 18 May 2018. It will be carried out Saturday, May 19 in Senigallia (AN) and San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) The first demonstrative action in the brands of “Life Primes” (Preventing flooding risk by making crueconsortium communities – preventing flood risk by making the communities resilient) European project Born to prevent flood risk by making the populations involved can react to the emergency.

“It is – says the councillor Angelo Sciapichetti – of a real civil protection exercise that will involve many components of the civil protection system: the Civil Protection Service of the Marche region, the municipalities of Senigallia and San Benedetto del Tronto, the health service, voluntary organisations as well as two school-inclusive schools. It is an innovative project at the service of the local communities, funded by 2.3 million euros, of which 45% is borne by the European Union (1,085,000), with a three-year period, which sees cooperation three regions: Emilia Romagna, Marche and Abruzzo, together with the Polytechnic University of Marche.
Tomorrow at the same time in the two cities of Marche will be simulated a critical hydrogeological with warning of orange alert by the functional center multi-risk civil protection of the Marche region. The municipalities will open the municipal coordination operating centres, the warning systems from the regional civil protection operations room, SOUP, test the procedures for activating municipal emergency functions, interested in the Area volunteers who will simulate the controls of the river banks.
The exercise will continue with an aggravation of the climatic conditions with red alert that will require the activation of the contingency plan of the schools for flood risk: The Comprehensive Institute Belardi in Senigallia and the Comprehensive State Institute south of San Benedetto del Tronto, will safely bring the boys to the upper floors of each plexus. In this case, the emergency communications between the city and the school and between school and parents will be also tested: A statement on the state of the implementation of the contingency plan is produced. The importance of proving these procedures lies in the need to make the community resilient and conscious, avoiding instinctive and non-functional behaviours in the event of an emergency.
The demonstrative action comes after a long journey of three years carried out with San Benedetto and Senigallia. The updating of municipal civil protection plans, with particular reference to hydro-geological risk, training and information to the population through workshops, tutorials and on-line activities, were the activities coordinated at local level. Particular attention has been paid to schools with frontal training in the classroom and theatrical activities for teachers, pupils and parents. The initiative is also useful for increasing the dialogue and collaboration of the system needed to respond adequately to the demand for security of citizens in the event of a disaster.
The results of Primes were presented in Brussels, on the occasion of the Open days of Life and the Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience & adaptation in Bonn and have been a major success.

(Sources: Marche region, the Journal of the Civil Protection)

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