Life Primes in schools in Senigallia

On 19 March, the final day of an interesting training course dedicated to flood risk

Bologna 8 April 2018. The civil protection of the marches led in the classes of Senigallia, last March 19, the issue of flood risk, as part of the Life Primes project.
The formative intervention, addressed to classes V of the Institute Senigallia Sud, was developed in several stages.

It was initially asked the students to prepare an interview to be submitted to the family, recalling the most salient events that occurred during the flood that on May 3, 2014 struck the town of Marche, giving serious damage.

The interviews made, the photos, and the impressions were collected in a scoreboard that allowed the boys, with the support of civil protection officials and teachers, to “tackle” the flood risk, telling the stories more personal and and taking the opportunity to learn from the past and put into practice the most correct behaviors of self-protection.

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