Adele’s Daisy at school

Climate change told the boys in a cycle of meetings in the province of Bologna

Texts and music. To help those who are still on the school benches to understand the phenomena related to climate change, complex, but with a very simple truth: the earth that will live as adults must be protected, and to do so must act, now.
The Life Primes project has resulted in these months in the municipalities that have joined, “The Daisy of Adele 2.0 “, theatrical show on the subject of climate change: an exciting journey, between science, information and entertainment, discovering a future Probable but still preventable.
The story was written by Marco Vignudelli and is played by actors Anna Pancaldi, Fernando Vozzi and Marco Soccol, Stefano Antonini directed by Stefano Antonini. Between November and December, a shortened version was staged in some higher institutes in Bologna, curated by Arpae Emilia-Romagna, together with the regional Agency for Territorial security and civil protection, and with the support of the company Eurocube.
The format designed for schools includes the theatrical representation with the presence of two musicians and a reader, the scientific discussion on climate change, the presentation of the project Primes and the CAAP (civic plans for adaptation).
It was presented in Bologna on November 20th at the Aldini Valeriani Institute (first and second classes) and on November 29th at the Belluzzi Institute (fourth and fifth classes).
On December 5 was the turn of the Teatro Comunale of Budrio with the participation in the Hall of students of the IIS Giordano Bruno (Technical Institute and High School).
“The daisy of Adele 2.0 “, in addition to explaining what is climate change, serves to understand how it is manifesting, how they are changing temperatures and tell data about hot waves, drought, intense weather events, through a story Set in 2050, in a recognizable place, which is changing and where there are problems that closely touch our lives and our communities.

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