Final Workshop in Torino di Sangro (CH) Wednesday 24 October

Citizenship is invited

Will take place on Wednesday 24 October, at the Teatro Priori of the municipality of Torino in Sangro, the final workshop of the European project Life Primes “Preventing the flood risk, making the communities resilient”. The works, which will be open to all interested citizens, start at 10.00 hours with the institutional greetings.
To follow, the illustration of the project Life Primes curated by Francesca Molinari, the functional center of the Abruzzo region. The meeting will also be an opportunity to address issues and topics relating to civil protection, of interest to the community. Federica de Santis and Daniela Ronconi, of the regional functional Center will speak respectively of “the Emergency planning” and “how to deal with the emergency in the family”.
From 11.45 to 12.00, debate and conclusions are foreseen.

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